Aftercare is a plan for the recovery person to support them in early recovery, to prevent relapse, and to help them towards their other goals. While Aftercare programs is a follow up treatment that an addict receives after leaving a rehabilitation center.


  1. Support Groups: there are quite a number of support groups that helps the recovery of a patient to be fast after leaving the rehab center.
  2. Counseling and therapy: the patient can book sessions with a counselor, could be daily or even once a week. This is the most important part of discovery, as the patient is able to talk to a professional.


  • To prevent relapse

The ultimate goal of an aftercare program is to follow up on the patient and help prevent a relapse. They build a plan that they patient can stick with after treatments at the rehabilitation center.

  • Quicken recovery

The true work for an addict begins after rehabilitation has, they have to integrate with the society and mingle with other individuals. Aftercare programs would help such that they can join support group, meet new people and know that they are no alone in the journey of recovery. The mental knowledge of this would help to quicken their recovery.

  • Provide guidance

These victims are more or less clueless about how to get their life back together after getting out of the rehabilitation center. An aftercare program put in place for them with the right set of counselors and guide would help them get back to a point of focus.

  •  Rebuilding

Accountability and a sense of responsibility are values that need to be rebuilt in victims after rehab. It is important that they do not belittle themselves or look down on themselves because of the past experience and mistakes. Their financial stability also needs to built and an aftercare program will definitely take care of this.

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