Causes Of Drug Addiction

Various factors lead to drug addiction in the life of individuals. Often it is difficult to pinpoint one thing as a general factor that leads to drug addiction because situations differ.

Also, since addicts tend to hide and remain in denial, it might be hard to determine the cause of their addiction.

Nevertheless, some factors are generally attributed to causing drug addiction in individuals most times.

These factors vary based on individual personality but apply in most instances. These factors are physical, psychological, and emotional.

These factors include;

  • A Drug Addict Parent

Having a parent who is a drug addict can cause a person to also become an addict. This is because such a person would be exposed to all kinds of drugs as the addict’s parents would carelessly leave them around the house. This can cause a person to try out drugs unsupervised.

So, growing up with someone who is an addict increases the possibility of that person becoming an addict.

  • Peer Pressure

A person can also be drawn to drug addiction due to peer pressure. This is true for youth adults who have friends who take drugs. In order not to feel left out and due to constant encouragement, a person can begin taking drugs which could lead to addiction.

This is especially true for teenagers who are still developing self-control brain cells and are prone to risk-taking.

  • Emotional Trauma or Stress

Drug addiction occurs due to emotional trauma or stress. Some people are drawn to drugs as a means to manage excess stress. While others end up with drugs as a means of escaping the emotional trauma which they have experienced.

  • Early Exposure to Drugs

The earlier a person is exposed to drugs like cocaine, the more likely he or she would get addicted to it. This is because young people are prone to risk-taking and their brain cells for self-control are still developing.

So, people who are exposed to drugs early in their life are more prone to drug addiction.

In summary, these are not the only causes of drug addiction. There are still other factors responsible for drug addiction. But these are likely significant in the occurrence of drug addiction.


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