What is Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a common type of addiction found among people. It is a chronic illness that affects the brain functions of a person. Individuals can get addicted to legal or illegal drugs due to constant use.

Drug addiction arises from continuous use by a person till it gets to a point where he/she can no longer stop their consumption of that substances.

Some drugs people get addicted to are cocaine, heroin, alcohol, marijuana, etc. Some people also get addicted to prescribed drugs, which arises due to constant use and overdose of the prescribed medication.

There are several reasons why people get addicted to drugs. It often begins as a bad habit that escalates into addiction and uncontrollable use of the drug.

This could be due to peer pressure, friends who encourage them to use drugs and continue using such drugs.

These drugs affect the mental and physical state of a person. So, once a person tries out a drug there is that urge to continue using it to get that feeling. This leaves numerous negative effects in the life of a drug addict.

Drug addiction can also occur due to excess stress and inability to handle stress. This happens with working-class people, who have demanding jobs and then rely on drugs to relieve stress. They enjoy the relieve gotten from these drugs so they continue using them which leads to addiction.

There are several signs which show that a person is addicted. These signs include;

  • A drug addict leaves a constant urge to consume the drug even at odd times like early morning, at work, or late at night.
  • A drug addict is constantly spending money to purchase these drugs, even when it is not convenient. They can borrow or steal to buy drugs, and this can lead to financial crisis.
  • A drug addict may feel the urge to change friends to people who also use these drugs. This is because it would provide a constant supply of drugs.

Drug addiction comes with a lot of mental and emotion damage for a person. If a time comes when they want to stop due to its negative effects, they cannot stop which leaves them in a horrible state. But drug addiction isn’t the end of a person, with proper professional help they can recover.

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