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  • How a counselor helps in aftercare

    When people complete their addiction treatment, it is natural to think that everything will return to normal. While this is so for some people, others will relapse in no time. One of the reasons why this happens is because we are wired differently and addiction does not happen to us the same way. Hence, some […]

  • Tips to prevent drug addiction in teenagers

    If drug addiction is in play, it can have a profound effect on your teenager’s life. The reason is that they are at the developmental stage where they make decisions that they will carry on for the rest of their lives. Hence, instead of seeking ways to treat addiction when they are caught up, it […]

  • Four ways a counselor can help a drug addict

    One of the most challenging yet rewarding things you can do for a drug addict is to provide them with help and care that would restore them to full sobriety. Achieving this is difficult because addicts do not like to admit they have an addiction problem. Some of them are quite comfortable opening up to […]

  • The importance of detoxification in drug addiction treatment

    Detoxification is the process of eliminating substances like drugs or alcohol in the body. When an individual opts-in for addiction treatment, detoxification is usually the first line of action. The essence of detoxification is to make the individual cope with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that might occur when they stop taking drugs. Not everyone has the […]

  • Treatment for drug abuse

    People abuse drugs for many reasons. Some of them know that their abusive habit is taking a toll on their health, but they don’t mind because their brain reward system has been distorted. Hence, it would be difficult to stop abusing drugs even though they make up their minds. Here are some effective treatments for […]

  • Four drug types that are commonly abused

    When it comes to abuse, one of the common forms is drug abuse. People abuse different types of drugs because of the thrills it brings. Some people also abuse drugs as an escape route from reality, only to discover that it was a temporary relief. In this piece, you will learn more about the drugs […]

  • Signs that your loved one is addicted to drugs

    You might have heard of the term “drug addiction” but you may have not seen someone who is addicted because you don’t know the signs to look out for. This means that your loved one might be addicted, but you are unaware even though the signs are staring you in the face. If you observe […]

  • Causes Of Drug Addiction

    Various factors lead to drug addiction in the life of individuals. Often it is difficult to pinpoint one thing as a general factor that leads to drug addiction because situations differ. Also, since addicts tend to hide and remain in denial, it might be hard to determine the cause of their addiction. Nevertheless, some factors […]

  • Effects of Drug Addiction 

    Drug addiction is the constant dependence on a particular drug in a way that is harmful to a person. That without consuming such a drug, such a person is restless, uncomfortable, and cannot function well. This constant and continuous consumption of the drug affects individuals in many ways.  First, the chemical substances alter the function […]

  • What is Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction is a common type of addiction found among people. It is a chronic illness that affects the brain functions of a person. Individuals can get addicted to legal or illegal drugs due to constant use. Drug addiction arises from continuous use by a person till it gets to a point where he/she can […]

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